Chief Cauley asked us to forward you information to help safeguard the citizens with the recent rash of burglaries.

Thus far, Castle Rock has had 3 kick-in burglaries and 2 attempted ones. Ours are being completed/attempted by a group who have committed several burglaries in other areas of Douglas County and the south metro area. All of the burglaries have occurred on weekdays between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM. This is probably due to the typical residence being unoccupied during these times. It appears the burglaries are random. The usual scenario is the perpetrators will knock on the door to see if anyone is home. If, someone answers the door, then they will state they came to the wrong address. If, no one answers, then they will kick in one of the exterior doors. Once inside the residence, they will go to the garage, open the door and back into the garage. The items being taken are money, jewelry, electronics, and guns. So far there has not been any acts of violence to anyone. Dogs have not scared them off, as they will feed them dog treats, etc.

Our suggestion to the citizens is to be hyper-vigilant during the above weekday hours.

If they see any of the following, please call 911 immediately:

·Someone knocks on the door and states they are at the wrong address (it would help to be on the town’s “No Knock” list)

·If you see someone or an unfamiliar vehicle in your driveway or your neighbor’s

·Unfamiliar vehicles that appear to driving slowly through the neighborhood

·Any suspicious activity/persons any time of the day/night

Also, as a rule of thumb, citizens should lock their doors and activate their alarm systems whenever they’re away and at night. Close garage doors. Vehicles that are left outside should have valuables removed and doors locked.

One of this best deterrents to residential crimes is to know your neighbors, their habits and what is normal in your neighborhood.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Douglas W Ernst
Commander - Investigations
Phone 303 663-6121
Fax: 303 663-6105


Next Homeowner's Meeting

Beginning in February, 2017, The Board of Directors will meet every other month at 5:00 PM in the Fire Station at 3rd & Perry.


Welcome to the Castle Highlands Homeowners Association web site.

The main purpose of the web site is to provide our homeowners with information about:

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We hope the website provides this information for current residents as well as those that may want to join our neighborhood. We are a volunteer organization, and as such look forward to participation from all, at one time or another, in making our community great.

Thank you.
Tom Rupert
President — Castle Highlands Homeowners Association

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